All sound samples were made using the Wirething pick.

Jerry Donahue, guitarist currently with the Hellecasters and who has shared the stage and studio with the likes of Elton John, George Harrison, and Robert Plant, comments, "I used to use flat copper picks exclusively, for their great tone. They were too easy to drop though, and I didn't like the thin flat grip. The Wirething pick is great because it has the tone of the copper pick and a grip that you can hold on to. I really like the steel ones too for an edgier attack!"

"I love the pick. I definitely approve. It's got a nice warm but pointed attack. He has my endorsement." -- Gene Bertoncini, guitarist formerly with the Johnny Carson Tonight Show Band, and faculty at the New England Conservatory of Music and Eastman School of Music

"It has a real positive feel on the strings. It's easy to control, and I like the sound." -- Danny Embrey, guitarist previously with Sergio Mendes, currently with Karrin Allyson on the "Blue" CD
mp3: Danny using the pick with a Gibson 175 steel-string, playing a solo ballad
mp3: Danny playing on a Godin nylon-string guitar with the Sons of Brazil in Kansas City

"...I love the attack of the Wirething.... I've played with agate picks before, and they'll trash a set of strings in no time... and, this one does not." -- Chubby Smith, Lawrence, Kansas guitarist and composer, featured on National Public Radio's Whadya Know Show with Michael Feldman
mp3: Chubby giving a 2-minute Wirething® demo, playing the dobro

"I've spent some time using your pick. I think the sound is great! It has a much warmer and fatter sound then I thought it would. The response aganist the strings is excellent because of the stiff wire you used. I love it!!" -- Tony Lombardozzi, guitar teacher at Wesleyan University
mp3: Tony playing a solo on an electric hollow-body guitar

"My first impression of the Wirething pick? I was skeptical. However, when I began using the pick I was impressed by the smooth feel and clear sound. I enjoy using it most of all on my Gibson 165- the combination of pick and flat wound strings give me a nicely balanced mellow yet focused sound on both chords and single notes. As an added bonus, it is more comfortable to hold then the stubby picks I was using. My compliments on an innovative and useful design!" -- Jeremy Cotton, Guitar Faculty at the Musical Arts Center in Cincinnati, Ohio

"You've invented a better mouse trap!" -- Rod Fleeman, guitarist with Karrin Allyson, and Angela Hagenbach

"I really like the copper pick!!! ... I used it on all tracks for our two new songs...I should have a copy to send you this week!" -- Brandon Todd, guitarist with Jekyll's Hiding Place
"Wow! What a unique sound. I got the picks yesterday. Thanks a lot. They're very different to anything I've used before. They give a very clear sound, and are much easier than I imagined to control. I'll definitely be telling my friends about the Wirething pick." -- Anna Massie, New York music camp instructor and Honors student at University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland
"Just wanted to drop you a line to let you know that I read about the Wirething in Acoustic Guitar mag this month and I had to order one. I love it! It's a little smaller than what I'm used to (Dunlop Tortex 1mm) in circumference, but I like the "fatter" feel with the bump grip, and it sounds fantastic! I'm using it on Elixir strings right now, and it will be interesting to see if the metal tip wears out the strings faster than plastic, but a little loss of string life is definitely made up for with the clearer, brighter sound.... Best of luck with business, and I'll be sure to mention it to other guitar players." -- Aaron Thorne, guitarist
"Thanks again... VERY GREAT Picks.... I will order again..." -- Kim Wan, South Korea
"It's a work of art." -- Tim Price, sax player with the Doc Severinsen band, Selmer saxophone endorser and clinician
"... I just wanted to let you know I did receive the Wirething picks today, thanks! These picks are terrific! I've been a long time tortoise shell user for years and have tried lots of different pick materials. Not so much as a substitute for the t.s. (have yet to find anything) but just trying to find another way of approaching my picking technique. I remember the old Hot Licks copper picks, they sounded cool, but I hated the way they felt when I gripped them. You definitely merged the best of both worlds between metal and plastic in a very unique and superior pick design. Since, I play more electric than acoustic (the steel tips sound great with my Martin, by the way) I have placed another ccnow order for some more of the copper wire versions (my picks have a habit of growing feet and running away). I'll turn some of my friends on to them too. Anyway, thanks again, and I'll do what I can to spread the word about the Wirething if I can only get a recording contract!" -- Craig Swearingen, guitarist
"They rule. I love the way they feel and sound. Everything else now seems to suck." -- Chris Francis, guitarist with the British rock band Ten
"Great product!" -- David Letsche, Wirething customer
"...light and grippy, but you still get a distinctive metallic vibe..." -- Guitar Magazine UK, February 2002
"You can really get a lot of dynamics out of this thing." -- Chad McLoughlin, New York City based jazz/fusion guitarist
"The rounded tip and smooth release of the Wirething Stainless Steel pick feels great for the fast sweep and alternate picking licks. The tone of the pick helps me with note definition when playing riffs in the lower register of my 7-string; it's almost like using an exciter or maximizer in the signal chain. The sound and feel of these picks is very addicting." -- Tom Kopyto, Massachusetts heavy metal shredder who had a mention in Guitar Player magazine, June 2002