US Patent 5,894,097    

The Wirething Guitar Pick: The clean precise tone of a metal pick... but with the light weight and sure grip of a plastic pick. It defines a whole new category of guitar picks.

If you dig metal picks, or heavy gauge plastic picks, then this pick just might be for you. It has a cleaner attack than heavy plastic picks, and isn't as rough on your strings as flat metal picks.

If you prefer a thin plastic pick... well, maybe this isn't the pick for you. But.... you never know! It just might give you that elusive tone that you've been searching for, that combination of sound and action that brings out your individual voice on the guitar. Give a listen to the sound samples on this site.... Read what people around the world have been saying about the Wirething Guitar Pick.

Give it a try... If you order a pick direct from the online store, you'll have 30 days to return it if you don't like it! We'll even refund the shipping!